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Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans provide financial assistance for buying commercial property

However a little bit of planning and preparation beforehand will save you lots of disappointment and aggravation. Like any partnership, business which is what obtaining commercial bridge loans are, the partners want to guarantee you have researched your opinions and know what exactly you require before coming to them for Commercial Bridge Loans.
We also offer short term Commercial Bridge Loans programs also known as hard money bridge loans can be a life saver for an investor or business person in difficult times. This is truer today than ever due to the increased commercial underwriting requirements instituted by the banks post the real estate and financial debacle in 2007 and 2008.
It’s really a shame too. During the heyday of mortgage lending, if you had a pulse, you could get a loan, particularly in the residential market and to a lesser degree in the commercial real estate market.
Commercial Bridge Loan programs to bridge the gap until a conventional commercial loan is your best option.
What Is A Commercial Bridge Loan and How To Get One

Bridge loans on commercial properties are simply commercial loans to bridge a gap of some kind. These “gaps” can be physical or financial. They essentially are fast loans with much less underwriting to either get a business through a bad period (avoid foreclosure, etc.)  or to get a purchase done for a buyer to not miss an opportunity due to traditional long underwriting periods as well as give buyers time to stabilize a property to get it ready for a conventional commercial mortgage. Bridge mortgages carry higher interest rates and lower LTVs.
A commercial bridge loan is a great way to secure temporary financing on a commercial property. A bridge loan is a mainly designed for of financing that is used when a borrower is expecting to sell a property quickly or refinance it within the near future. A good Commercial Bridge Lenders can offer loans on a variety of commercial properties including apartments, retail, industrial, office, health care and mixed use.
We have Commercial Bridge Lenders in all 50 states including commercial real estate equity loan programs for cash out commercial loan with qualifying LTVs and construction loans. These hard money bridge loans, aka short term bridge loans can even help you avoid a commercial foreclosure, take advantage of a big opportunity or tap some existing equity short term for a business opportunity.

A Commercial Hard Money Loans is a non-conventional commercial real estate loan that is not made by a traditional bank. The primary rationale for a small business considering a Commercial Hard Money Loans is that traditional commercial financing options are not viable.
Many prudent small business projects can be funded only via a hard money lender. Several common commercial financing scenarios using hard money loans are described. These include low credit scores, a need to obtain commercial financing quickly and special small business situations not easily understood by traditional banks.
Bridging loan is a Short Term Commercial Loans that can be borrowed at a short notice. A borrower is required to put collateral against the loan. This loan can be used for any purpose varying from renovation of the house to purchase of a residential or commercial property.

Navigate to this website for getting more information related to Commercial Bridge Loans as well as, Short Term Commercial Loans.

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